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How to Mark Up Poetry

If Charles Goldfarb, Edward Mosher, and Raymond Lorie — the creators of GML (get it?) and the grandfathers of modern-day HTML — had been tasked with the project of making the world’s poetry machine-readable (instead of government, legal, and scientific documents) we would have at our disposal the <poem>, <stanza>, and <line> tags and I >>>

New Project: Where the Bribes Are: The Mintz Group FCPA Map

We recently created an interactive map for the James Mintz Group, an international investigative services firm, that shows where cases related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act have been settled. The map shows multiple dimensions: the country, the estimated amount of the penalty for that country, which sector the case belongs to. This data is >>>

MoMA de Kooning Retrospective exhibition website

We’re super-excited and proud of our most recent project, the website for the huge de Kooning retrospective that just opened at MoMA. As usual, we did the IA, UX, and project management for the integration, working hand in hand with Kiss Me I’m Polish (visual design) and Type/Code (development). Tweet This Post