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New Project: Where the Bribes Are: The Mintz Group FCPA Map

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We recently created an interactive map for the James Mintz Group, an international investigative services firm, that shows where cases related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act have been settled. The map shows multiple dimensions: the country, the estimated amount of the penalty for that country, which sector the case belongs to. This data is displayed on rollover using a treemap which shows the relative sizes of the penalties for the country in question:

There is also a sector filter and each box in the treemap opens up the actual materials pertaining to each case.

To make this, we decided to use HTML5, SVG, Javascript, and CSS3 (it degrades down on IE7 and 8 but you really want to use IE9, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and we partnered with Type/Code who laid down the foundational code. We are using Kirill Lebedev’s jvectormap for the map and Renato’s Treemap as the basis for the dynamic treemap tooltip.

See the Mintz Group FCPA interactive map here.

Also, for some background on the FCPA, Frontline did a show on bribery and the history of the FCPA back in 2009.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal law blog has a post on the map here.

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