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Don’t Make Me Scroll

This is the short version of a presentation on online magazines we’ve been working on here at Redub. It ends with a link to an in-development demo that features content from GOOD’s Transportation Issue 015. Casey Caplowe (GOOD’s Creative Director) generously gave us the InDesign files for the entire issue and we re-figured some of >>>

Trust Networks (part 1)

I have been following the #iranelection hashtag on Twitter for the past two days, and I’ve been noticing a few things about online trust. Two users in particular have surfaced out of the din of that particular stream (not sure whether naming them will expose them to further harm, so I will call them Pyramus >>>

Roundup of #iranelection, 5:15pm 6/15/09

This is my quick informal summary after having watched the #iranelection thread for the past day. * Channel 4 (UK) footage of Basij Islamist Militia shooting into crowd and killing at least 1 (up to 7 casualties have been reported). * @persiankiwi (not sure of gender) reports that more than 100 students missing from >>>

Netprotozo Grid Generator at #4

Web Design Booth has a rundown of 15 Extremely Useful Grid Generators, and collaborator, co-conspiritor and partner, Netprotozo’s Grid Generator comes in at #4 (though it’s not clear if they are ranked in order of usefulness)! Rock on, Karl! Encore!! (IMHO, we’ve tried many of these grid generators, and while they all have excellent qualities, >>>


Kiss Me I’m Polish has just relaunched their spiffy new site — and it sure is a beaut! We’ve collaborated on many projects over the years (still are) and hopefully more to come! Gratulacje, Agnieszka! Tweet This Post

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