What We Do

We specialize in helping companies move from ideas (requirements gathering) to strategy to ideation and building. Some of the tools we use to do this:

  • Pen and paper
  • Whiteboards
  • Post-it Notes
  • Paper prototypes
  • Low to Medium resolution wireframes
  • Clickable PDFs
  • Hand-coded HTML/CSS/Javascript prototypes
  • CMS-powered prototypes

We do not see wireframes as end-products (since the user never sees them) but we recognize they are very important stepping stones to getting to an end product. Which is why we put a lot of work into them, lots and lots of them. We’d show them here but we’d rather you see the finished products first and then contact us to get some examples of what happened behind the scenes. Every client is different, every organization is different, and therefore, every problem requires different tools to communicate to the team. Some organizations we’ve worked with have no development team in-house but have strong technical partners to realize and maintain their sites. We’ve also worked with organizations who have killer development teams but don’t have ux/ia resources on staff. The way we interface and communicate ideas and goals will be tailored to each environment.


We like thinking about and putting good processes into place.

We feel most at home in an Agile environment, and we’re happy to help your organization incorporate any or all of the agile methodology and workflows into your process. That said, we realize that agile is not necessarily appropriate or optimal for every organization, and we will try to work within your established processes and workflow (if you have them) and we will bring our experience and expertise to bear when it is called for.


Interaction Design and Visual Design go hand in hand. The closer they are aligned, the better the outcome.

Redub has been partnered with Kiss Me I’m Polish, an incredible, versatile design firm that produces stunning work, for over 3 years and members of both teams have worked together for over 10. This past summer of 2009, we moved into a new shared office space at 151 West 19th Street in Chelsea.

Who We've Worked For