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Office Warming Party!

Kiss Me I’m Polish and Redub had their winter warmer holiday / office warming party last week. In case you missed it, here’s what you missed (time lapse taken with the Brinno GardenWatch cam): From 5:19pm until 7:30pm …and 7:30 until 11:18pm. The memorable bits: bacon maple cupcakes from kumquat cupacakery, visits by all our >>>

At the Zeitgeist Panel: Human-Machine Interaction

Back in the heyday of the 90s tech bubble, I was the Design Technologist for FEED Magazine. When I look back on it, FEED was a wonderful place to be at that time because FEED took it upon itself to look critically at media and culture (a digital New Yorker, if you will, at a >>>

Redub is moving!

That’s right! We’re moving again, this time, we’re sharing a space with Agnieszka Gasparska of Kiss Me I’m Polish, where we’ll be collaborating and doing more great things together! Stay tuned! In the meantime, update your address books: Redub LLC 151 W.19th St, 5th Fl New York, NY 10011 O: 212.255.6290 F: 888.531.8858 Tweet This >>>

The Bitter Pill: A pitch for an economic-themed ARG

Scenario What would a “free market correction” feel like? What if the U.S. Government had allowed AIG, JPMorgan, Bank of America, and Citigroup to collapse? What would have happened if Treasury had chosen not to prop up the nine largest American banks on October 14, 2008? What news reports would have trickled out over Twitter, >>>

Apple is the Gatekeeper. Are you the Keymaster?

Disclaimers: I don’t have an iPad yet (I ordered the 3G version), and I’m not officially an iPhone developer in that I haven’t made or sold any apps yet. This does not, however, keep me from posting my opinions on both from the perspective of someone who is looking to create and design apps for >>>

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